Cracking today’s
Enterprise AI dilemma

Even Analytics-aware organisations are
yet to fully leverage AI. Why?

It's time to clear the buzz around Enterprise AI

At ThinkBumblebee, we are working to address 3 looming barriers Analytics-aware organizations face, in adopting AI

High Failure Rates

~80% of analytics projects fail, making AI seem too challenging to deploy.
Vision Execution disconnect.

Merely 1/3rd of all businesses have a clear view of their consumer  LTV.

Only ~20% of all consumer data is analysed, for decision making.

'Analytics=Numbers’ mindset; partially analysed data leads to an incomplete picture of the business.

Tech Deluge

Organisations overdose on expensive, repetitive tech.
From ~150 tools in 2011 to ~7000 tools in 2018.

On an average, companies use 7 or more technologies, to generate insights.

Wastage of budgets & manpower.

Migration challenges, often caused due to frequent tool changes.

All in all, a chaotic environ that causes ‘Trust deficit’ among organisations – ‘Which is the solution for me?’.

Talent Shortage

Despite the explosion of the analytics space, most organisations find it challenging to source talent.
Significant variances in Data Scientist capabilities by geography/ sub-domains.

Hiring right – a challenge even for seasoned analytics users.

Finding talent is tricky since AI not a simple, ‘certifiable’ domain.

Unified data science at work

Using a blend of data science, consumer insights and technology, we help you gain disproportionate advantage from your Analytics efforts

Free up your bandwidth

'Untrap' your Analytics function from productivity killers i.e. applications/ software and redundant processes.

Do more, by reducing the tedium traditionally associated with Analytics.

Shorten your innovation cycle

Large, capital-intensive Analytics projects take time to be up and running.

Instead, we push for short-sprint, rapid Analytics deployments.

Proof & outcomes are available faster; supporting a fail-fast approach to business.

Minimum-Risk Analytics for you

Our mission is to minimize your Technology Risks.

We deploy tech-stacks where tools talk to one another.

Thus eliminating your risk of investing in legacy tools.

We love Start-ups!

Our entrepreneurial journey was made possible by other A-teams, like ours
Early stage or Unicorn – whatever your stage in Analytics adoption – we’d love to hear from you.
We have grown alongside young, energetic and hungry brands; building their data hubs; to collect, manage and run their analytics.
Quantifying product market fit, building data funnels, designing metrics, tracking performance – all lie along our learning curve to helping startups become truly data-driven.

Artificial Intelligence at the core

We focus on building AI-embedded solutions
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new to us. We cut through the big talk and get down to AI brass
tacks. AI sits at the very heart of ThinkBumblebee’s offering.

Enterprise AI platform for Customer Success