Meet ThinkBumblebee

Born in 2016, we are firmly rooted in the problem-solving principle ‘Occam’s Razor’; otherwise known as the Law of Parsimony.

Plainly put, Occam’s Razor states that "The simplest solution is usually the one that requires making the least assumptions"

We believe more technology is not necessarily the best answer to business questions.

Instead, high performance oriented organisations invest in a system to arrive at simple, effective solutions, faster. What it takes is to get various tech components to talk to one another, continuous iteration and lastly, measure performance on a selected few metrics.

Our mission is to cut through the Tech clutter and put Data Science to work, for high performance startups & Fortune 500 alike.

It's time to clear buzz around
Enterprise AI

Organizations overdose on expensive, repetitive tech
•From 150 tools (approx.) in 2011 to above 7000 tools (approx.) now
•On an average, companies use 7 or more technologies to generate insights

•Wastage of budgets & manpower
•Migration challenges, often caused due to frequent tool changes

Vision-Execution disconnect

80% of analytics projects fail, making AI seem too challenging to deploy

Analytics=Numbers mindset leads to an incomplete picture of the Business:
• Merely 1/3rd of all businesses have a clear view of their consumer LTV
• Problem of partially analysed data
• Approximately 20% of all the consumer data is analysed for decision making
Finding talent is tricky since AI is not a simple, ‘Certifiable’ domain

Significant variances in Data Scientist salaries by geography/domain

Hiring the right kind–a challenge even for seasoned Analytics users

Our entrepreneurial journey
was made possible by other A-teams, like ours

Early stage or Unicorn – whatever your stage in Analytics adoption – we’d love to hear from you.

We have grown alongside young, energetic and hungry brands; building their data hubs; to collect, manage and run their analytics.

Quantifying product market fit, building data funnels, designing metrics, tracking performance – all lie along our learning curve to helping startups become truly data-driven.

Be it streaming or batch data, aggregated or disaggregated, we help you ingest and transform data. We help build data pipelines, data lakes and monetize your data assets. We work across GCP, AWS, Azure and on-premise platforms; leveraging over 500 data connectors to get all your data in shape.

Our delivery mechanism is flexible – we deploy our
solutions as an API, User Interface or a bespoke model.

Where we stand today






Data Sources


Data processed daily


End-consumers tracked

AI at the core

AI is an often-misused, umbrella term.
ThinkBumblebee puts it to work, in real terms.
We believe that rule-based systems provide merely marginal gains to businesses. However, many real-world challenges are too complex or subtle to be solved by programs that follow sets of rules written by humans.
Implementing this philosophy, we have built solutions that leverage Modern AI - Machine Learning & Deep Learning. Our platform – Propellor leverages Machine Learning & Deep Learning Models to address complex business questions.