Why data-driven attribution is
imperative for your business

As customers interact with your brand across a growing number of screens and channels, it becomes increasingly challenging to identify which pieces of your marketing are working.

Measurement is usually siloed, resulting in delayed decision-making and gross wastage of enterprise time & money.

Data-driven attribution helps optimize channel performance and more importantly; identify which channel combinations work better. It gives you a comprehensive, actionable view of your marketing spends.

Our cross-platform deep linking approach helps discover whether you are over or under invested in each marketing channel you employ.

Unifying data collected through Fingerprinting, Cookies, IDFAs & GAIDs, we enable measurement of customer imprint on each channel; thus helping you drive higher conversions.

Unified comprehensive view of campaigns

Today’s attribution data serves as the foundation for tomorrow’s customer LTV.

We work with High Performing Companies for whom Audience Analytics, Cross channel marketing and Marketing Spends Optimisation are business as usual.

Spends simulation & re-allocation

Propellor’s in-built simulator enables full control over current and future marketing spends, across channels.
The built-in RoI logic helps simulate various spend scenarios and provides an immediately consumable picture of Media RoI.