start-ups enjoy a
better success rate

One of the most popular myths out there among entrepreneurs is that Data Analytics & AI are for deep-pocket, large organizations. The reality is – adopting a data-driven approach need not be complex, time consuming and expensive.

Why start-ups choose Bolt

Quality talent,
available on-demand

Hiring a full time Data scientist
is an expensive affair. Average
data scientist salaries start
from USD 5,000 - 10,000 a

Finding talent is tricky since AI
skills are not certification-led.

Even if start-ups manage to
hire their ‘ideal’ Data Scientist,
such high-quality resources
could be easily poached.

Freedom from
managing Tech

Decision-making about Tech
investments required can be
time-consuming and draining.

Start-ups often end up buying
multiple, low-efficiency
Analytics products.

Instead, adopt ‘Master Data
Management’ : build a single
view of all key business metrics,
tracked via a single platform.

Scalable Analytics,
in short sprints

Short-sprint, rapid Analytics
deployments compared to
large, capital-intensive and
time-consuming analytics
With ML available from day
one, outcomes are available faster;
enabling rapid scale-up.

Upto 90%
direct cost

< 2 weeks’

Zero headache
of managing
high-quality Data
Science resources

Plug n Play

Zero blockage
of capital, in
tech infra

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