Data-driven customer personas are
increasingly becoming the norm for campaign success

Personas provide a pretty good idea of the digital path that customers take, from their first landing uptil purchase and subsequent interactions.

Instead of providing pre-defined, rule-based customer journey maps; we help you create maps unique to your business and based on behavioural patterns of your consumers.

Our AI-based customer journeys automatically pick up customer patterns and help you map each stage of the customer journey.

Our campaign management module enables you to take full control of marketing initiatives by easily segmenting customers and orchestrating cross-channel marketing campaigns; using a drag-and-drop visual workflow platform.

A Design of Experiments approach helps operate in a Test & Control environment, experiment with and learn from impact of other parameters like Product fit, Offer fit, Message, Time, Channel, Device etc. Measuring incremental gains between these two environments adds confidence and precision to marketing investment decisions.