UI/UX Developer

If you are an experienced UI/UX Developer, this is your opportunity to work with Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and demanding clients; to design, prototype and build new features into our Enterprise-grade product.

The Person

High Energy,
Passion to learn,
Problem solver
Brings tech & teamwork skills together, to deliver individual/ team outcomes
High sense of ownership
Ability to work in a fast-paced and deadline driven environment
Loves technology, Highly skilled at Data Interpretation

The Ask

     Skills to work in a challenging, complex project environment
  • Naturally curious and have a passion for understanding customer behavior
  • A high level of motivation, passion and sense of ownership
  • Excellent communication skills that are needed to manage an incredibly diverse slate of work, clients and team personalities
  • Can manage multiple projects in a deadline-driven, fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work in ambiguity and manage chaos
Project Delivery skills
  • Work with Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers and demanding clients to design and build new features into our product
  • Build design concepts and interactive prototypes
  • Pairing with developers to ensure that the presentation layer is implemented in accordance with best practices and UX specifications
  • Write effective JavaScript code, from scratch
  • Produce clean, semantic HTML and CSS, agonizing along the way for pixel perfection.
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility.
  • Creating a responsive website.
  • Make things shrink, twist, rotate, run across the page and fade (tastefully).
  • Build simple, blindingly simple interfaces and believe that writing maintainable CSS goes beyond good class names.
  • You believe that Agile and UI development can coexist.
  • 3+ years of experience developing modular front-end components or RIAs using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, typescript and JSON
  • Highly proficient in GIT coding
  • Knowledge of what Trident, Gecko and WebKit have in common
  • Created quality abstractions that actually get reused
  • Understanding of the difference between an interface, a class and an object and comprehension of cascaded inheritance, prototype-based inheritance etc
  • Considerable ability to be hard-headed about markup quality
  • Moderate to High proficiency in Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe illustrator
  • Solid understanding of user-centered design principles
  • Understand RESTful APIs and comfortable developing and consuming them
  • Previous experience in building dashboards and KPIs
  • GIT is a part of your daily coding

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