Enterprise AI platform for Customer Success

As your business grows, your data must work harder and faster for you. With rapidly growing data volume comes the need for streamlining the Enterprise Data funnel.

A streamlined funnel primes your data sources to talk to each other and deliver consumable insights in real-time.

Propellor offers seamless integration of varied, diverse, siloed data onto a highly interactive, advanced data science, analytics and visualization platform.


How Propellor works

Propellor is equipped with 5 modules


Scalable, high-accuracy engine. A factory of high-accuracy, ML-enabled, personalised recommendations; available as an API.


The Propellor Advantage

Pattern-mining platform as against common, rule-based SaaS platforms
No development effort involved from clients’ side
Plug-n-Play deployment : ML models ready for use, from Day 1
Great fit for Subscription businesses
Master Data Management : Single View of all data
Repository of key features and KPIs, across industry verticals

Plug and Play

Zero Development

Not rule based