Customer data infrastructure is key to monetising  your data assets

We help you get your consumer data infrastructure in place by consolidating data from various sources; using API/ SFTP.

Doing so is the first step to effective Segmentation.

Next, we enrich your customer data by including demographic and cross-channel data into it; use prediction & custom fields e.g. likelihood to convert, propensity to upgrade, user’s future value, risk of churn.

This approach goes a long way in addressing shortcomings of traditional segmentation models.


Features that enable
customer delight

Propellor, our new easy-to-use interface provides 5 types of bespoke segmentation – Demographic, Device profile, Consumption Behaviors, Date of First Visit, Traffic Sources.

ThinkBumblebee’s predictive micro-segmentation technology powers delivery of tailored messages, offers and promotions to individual customer personas; fostering improved short-term engagement and long-term brand loyalty.

Customers with similar expressed or implied characteristics and preferences are grouped into dynamic micro-segments, which are the building blocks of your hyper-personalized relationship marketing campaigns.