Unified Data Science at work


Marketers are not mathematicians or data scientists.

Our Machine Learning models enable marketers measure online & offline impact, explain causality.

So whether you are beginning your digital marketing journey or have reached the stage of optimising channels throughout the customer journey; our algos and models streamline your daily marketing efforts.

We help you deliver results that holistically assess marketing effort and are meaningful to your stakeholders.

Keep an eye on your business

Concrete numbers uncover big stories that explain customer behaviour and buyer psychology.

Today, companies use various well-established tools and processes to prepare and enhance data.

Yet, a lot of resources are wasted on managing data to put together a Single Source of Truth.

We empower your data scientists and business teams to do their jobs faster; and your business to stay competitive.

Big Data Science

Be it streaming or batch data, aggregated or disaggregated, we help you ingest, transform data.

We help build data pipelines, data lakes and monetize your data assets.

We work across GCP, AWS, Azure and on-premise platforms; leveraging over 500 data connectors to get all your data in shape.

Our delivery mechanism is flexible – we deploy our solutions as an API, User Interface or a bespoke model.

Social Media Intelligence

Social Data isn’t about vanity metrics alone. What really matters is deriving insights about what your customers are expressing on Social platforms.

We apply a Consumer-first approach to analysing Social Data.

Using consumer research frameworks helps juice out rich insights from Social Data, be it category trends, customer perceptions, product/ service innovation etc.

We also do classic Social Media Listening & Monitoring!


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